Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Teenagers & Unconditional Love

I am on the hunt for some type of vitamin that will keep my Welansa from morphing into a TEENAGER. My hats go off to anyone who is parenting or have parented a teenager. I have watched my nephew morph from a sweet cuddly baby to a cranky and moody young man. I love my nephew but I wish I could put him in a time machine.

This weekend my family went to visit Kyle in CT. My sister had to attend a college seminar at his school. The boy is only in the 10th grade and we are talking about college. Oh my. I took Welansa to the Children’s Museum while my sister and mother attended the seminar.

Kyle had his own agenda but he was able to squeeze us into his schedule and we had dinner together on Saturday and brunch on Sunday. The only person he was happy to see in my opinion was Welansa of course. I often wonder why? I have finally figured it out. Welansa loves Kyle unconditionally. She loves the way God loves and who would not be attracted to that kind of love.
- Welansa does not care about his GPA.
- Welansa could care less about the college he attends. Hell he does not have to graduate from High School. She still loves him. (He had better graduate !!!)
- Welansa could care less that he is moody one minute and sweet the next. It’s a moment to her. She does not live in the past or the future she lives in the present.
- Welansa could care less about the stinky dorm room and the dirty clothes that have not been washed in weeks. (Big improvement from the last time, the clothes were clean, the dorm room on the other hand, well let’s just move on).
- Welansa could care less how many points he scored during his basketball game.
- Welansa could care less that he had to serve “Sunny D”. Kyle’s nickname for Sunday Detention.

(Kyle and his roommate Brandon)

Welansa could care less about ALL of things that people get on his nerves about. All she knows is this is the first person to take her out of her mother’s arms when we arrived at the airport. Kyle is the cousin that acts silly with her, throws her up in the air, shows her off to all of his friends, and sneaks her treats that I will not allow her to have. Welansa looks beyond Kyle’s exterior and can see sometimes what we often miss. So now I know why Kyle loves Welansa so much. The wise ones say it is the parent that teaches the child. However, I think they have it wrong in this situation. It was the child who taught the lesson on loving unconditionally.


Angela said...

Rearing teenagers was my best birth control method. Those hormones and mood swings require a degree in physchology and the patience of Mother Theresa to endure. Word of advice, don't sweat the small stuff like keeping a clean room. It will save eveyone's sanity. lol.

Angela said...
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Angela said...

Brenda, I could go and on about teenagers,grades,college, cars, boarding and etc. Every parent has wild stories in which they can laugh at now, but not at the time.

It's such a journey, but overall I really enjoyed my boys. When they left home, I was heart broken.

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well with you guys.
Happy Mother's Day!!!


Jebena said...

Bren....haven't heard from you lately and have been thinking about you----pray all is going well and Miss Welansa is doing well!